Friday, May 28, 2010

a {colorful} little finish

As of this Wednesday evening, I am "Wilton certified".  That's right, I COMPLETED my fourth course and am done (phew!) for now with my cake-u-cation.  Wilton is revamping it's classes, though, and rolls out new product in June, so I have a few more things to learn.  Top of my list are gum paste calla lilies and mums.  Gorgeous.

Here's my "class final" cake, which is a colorful whimsical birthday cake for the "June birthdays" for a friend.  It's got some delightfully colorful gerber daisies, which, I must say, are probably one of my favorite flowers thus far.  Too fun.

Boxed up and ready to go!

"On deck" for next week are two wedding showers... both with some delightful little daisies, I believe.  One will have a cake and the other opted for a cupcake tower.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

congrats grad

A friend of mine's daughter graduated from high school last week.  We got together to discuss ideas for her grad party cakes.  The grad party had a black/white/red accent color scheme.  She wanted a vintage/elegant feel to the event and her fondant cakes and absolutely LOVES music.  She has a heart "logo" she draws using the trebel and base clefs that she loves so we decided to feature it on her cakes.  Here's the results!

carnations and daisies

Gumpaste is such a fun medium to work with.  Not as tasty as butter cream or even fondant, but it allows for some wonderful technique.  This week I learned two new flowers, both of which are gorgeous.  I'm especially excited about the daisies.

First are the carnations.  They look SO real which is a lot of fun!

The other flowers are some adorable daisies.  They'd be fun cake or cupcake toppers and gorgeous as gerber daisies too, which I hope to be able to showcase here soon!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

a couple lil cakes

Just a few things that have been keeping me busy lately.  First, a quick cake for a friend's birthday after we learned some techniques in class.  I wouldn't use the "draping" technique like this typically, but we were just practicing.  Draping is absolutely gorgeous on tiered cakes, especially for weddings.

Next, I made up a batch of frosting and some little 6" cakes to decorate with my little sister after dinner one evening before she left for the summer.  Here's our fun little spring creation.

Pretty cute, huh?