Thursday, April 15, 2010

i {heart} fondant

Last night was hands-down my favorite cake decorating experience.  We began.... FONDANT!  And I love love love it!  Here's the final product before it dried:

...a fondant present cake.  It is supposed to look like it's covered in wrapping paper with a big bow.  And it was SO FUN to make.  The cake itself is a devil's food chocolate cake with strawberry filling... also a new experiment.  Paired with the fun wrapping paper theme, I am just loving the results!

This cake would be fun in a lot of different scenarios.  Stacked gifts could make a gorgeous wedding or bridal shower cake.  And it would be wonderful for any celebration... birthday, wedding, baby shower, etc.  Depending on the color scheme, it could be VERY elegant or just a ton of fun!


  1. LOVE IT! Your artistic skills always impress me. This turned out gorgeous!

  2. Thanks! I do too! The color on color is elegant and something I look forward to trying again.