Thursday, April 22, 2010

New beautiful blooms!

I learned a few more flowers last night.  These flowers are a lot more detailed and time consuming, but it's time will spent.  Once finished, they {almost} look REAL!

I just made them for practice purposes.  They're beautiful flowers for seasonal cakes and would be gorgeous for spring weddings (or Christmas if you like the poinsettias, which are my favorite!).  They'd also be fun cupcake toppers.  I would probably not combine them with other flowers, but do an entire cake in just one of them.  They're about the size of an egg, which is why they're currently drying in an egg carton!

Here they are.  Pretty pink poinsettias:


Easter lilies and morning glories:

 And the whole beautiful bunch!  Fun!


  1. The petunias are my favorite. I just planted petunias with my 1st graders on Tuesday. They were shocked Wednesday morning not to see full blooms in their little cups. Ah, lack of patience starts early in our hearts.

  2. I love the petunias too. I am excited to make the poinsettias for Christmas next year. I think my grandma will just love them. :)