Monday, June 13, 2011

a princess for a princess

This weekend I got to make a princess Aurora cake for my new little friend Anaya.

She turned 4 last week and had a birthday party Saturday complete with a marching band, puppet show, and more yummy food than could be eaten.

On the way to Anaya's house, our Sleeping Beauty stopped at the salon and got a brunette 'do.  That's right, unfortunately she was a brunette.  But we survived and she looked beautiful anyway.  :)

I believe the last time this pan and doll were used was at my own birthday party a long time ago... I tried to find a picture from our wedding video scans, but failed.  So if you think our princess looks retro, you are correct.  It was fun to tell Anaya that we kind of shared a birthday cake.  :)

Happy birthday, Miss Anaya!  You're a beautiful little lady and fortunate to have a wonderful Mommy and Daddy that love you VERY much!

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