Friday, May 06, 2011

giving credit where credit is due

One of the creative quirks I got from my dad is a love for writing and for remembering.  My hubs will graduate tomorrow morning.  I took some time this week to remember the ups and downs of this journey with him.
Four and a half years ago one of my best friends asked me if I'd join him on a date. He turned my little world upside down with that simple question. As the next month unfolded, he walked through the steps of the early application process to the UNMC Physical Therapy program to discover he'd been wait listed. God wasn't leading to Omaha... yet. Or I should say He was leading us both, just not down the path my precious friend expected.

He'd led as He gave this young man a passion for athletics, for the movement of the human body, and for service. He gave him diligence in his studies and integrity in the work of his hands. He'd led as He brought me, a young, indecisive, and unsure young woman, to pick my last choice in a university and a summer experience overseas.

He'd led as my terrified heart opened up to the young man and learned to trust my old friend in a new way. He led as He gave both of us the courage to pursue our college dreams without giving up on our relationship. The young man was selected as the student head of the Athletic Training Department and spent early mornings and late nights working hard for no money at all. He traveled the Midwest with the baseball and football teams and learned what it would mean to be committed to the staff of a collegiate athletic program. He served athletes and coaches that were stressed and angry and still found little moments to grow his love for me and grow mine, in turn, for him.

God led again as the young man reapplied for the Physical Therapy program at UNMC, this time with an additional year of critical experience in Athletic Medicine. This time, God led to Omaha in the form of acceptance to not one, but two, schools there.

He led as I learned to trust that man with more of who I was and He led as that man asked me to be his wife.

From there He provided me with a job that would support that young man and allow us to do life in Omaha. He led us to spend a summer apart before we were married that gave him valuable spiritual training, perspective, input, service, and time with an awesome friend. He led as He provided a place for him to stay until we were married and me with a roommate for accountability, encouragement, and a whole lot of laughter.

He led his classmates to select him as a leader for them and provided study buddies, a basketball team, karaoke nights and other opportunities to build relationship. He led as He appointed bad grades and great ones, a test on the Monday after our wedding weekend, challenging leadership issues, encouraging feedback, long nights studying and a detasseling job at just the right time. He led through tough finances and hard friendships, high days together and tough ones on our own, date nights and a couple getaways, a precious church and precious friends. He led.

He led the young man in a special way through clinical selection and his clinical experiences. He opened career doors we knew were shut and opened our plans up to a city we had every intent on leaving.

He led through a rough 8 weeks apart, job interviews, negotiations and decisions. And He continues to lead.

When I ponder your graduation, Brad, I can't help but think about how our relationship has unfolded and grown around UNMC PT. I can't believe we're here and finally turning the page to the next chapter of our life together. I am SO proud of you and the man you've been and were becoming throughout the highs and the lows of this story. You've impressed me so much, babe. I love you. I'm proud of you. I cannot wait to see where He leads next.

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  1. Well done, well said. We rejoice with you both and send our love and congratulations! Dinner, soon? Paul & Anne