Monday, September 06, 2010

{congrats} to david and nicole

All done!  Wedding cake #1 of my life is a memory.  It was a lot of fun, but I'm relieved.  :)

David and Nicole got married in a gorgeous {outdoor} wedding in Nicole's parents' backyard.  The wedding was beautiful and so much of it was DIY which I thought was very fun!  Their colors were gold, ivory, and brown and we dreamed up their cake with a little help from the embellishments they chose for their invitations and programs.

I got prepped Thursday evening and my dining room table looked something like this.  And for those who are concerned, the eggs made their way back to the fridge after their photo shoot appearance:

Friday morning baking began.  I think I would have been much more overwhelmed with all the mixing, frosting batches, and cake crumbs, but a happy little elf stopped by on her way home from work and stayed ALL day.  Thanks, Meg, you're the best.

By Friday evening, this is what we'd accomplished:

Saturday was devoted to the chocolate fondant ribbons on the sides of the cakes and painting Nicole and David's design in gold dust.

Sunday after church was operation "prep, deliver, and build this cake!"  I found a dreamy guy I happen to know that made all of that go much more smoothly.

AND... the finished product!  David's dad made the topper, which looked great!  I was a little worried about the cake outside in the heat until the wedding, but it did just fine!


  1. I looks great!! Congratulations on a successful wedding cake! :)

  2. Beautiful creation Stephanie! You are sooo talented and blessed!

  3. it's gorgeous, steph! whoo hoo! and FOUR tiers - holy cow! :) excited to see you in a few days!