Saturday, September 11, 2010

life lessons...

...this lovely creation will NOT be featured at Jesse and Allie's wedding tomorrow.  I must say, though, I tried a few bites and it was pretty amazing.  I just don't have it in myself to eat 100 or so servings of ugly-yet-amazing-tasting chocolate cake, so it's headed for the trash (sad).

For reference, here's a beautiful white layer that will top the happy couple's cake tomorrow.  The kind I expect when I throw a pan in the oven:

And this would be the little {but still tasty} disaster we're dealing with:

Bahaha.  I'm excited that I didn't have a meltdown.  But, it's back to the grocery store for me.  (Third time in 24 hours if we're keeping track).

P.S.  Allie, if you have time to read this in your "day before the wedding" chaos.  DON'T STRESS.  It'll be amazing... not as beautiful as you on your big day, but beautiful nonetheless!

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