Saturday, March 26, 2011

a little pillow makeover

I wasn't a huge fan of the pillows on our couch so I decided to break out my NEW old sewing machine and make them over.  I got the sewing machine for Christmas... it's Manly Man's grandma's machine from years ago.  I never got to meet her, but have heard wonderful things about her, including the fact that she loved to create things.  It's fun to use her machine to do the same thing!  :)

And here's some photos... a before:

And an after.  Please note the wrinkly grey one that my husband was lounging on while watching March Madness about 23 seconds ago until I made him and his "I-had-Kentucky-beating-Ohio-State-in-my-bracket-didn't-you?" behind move for a moment.

I made a few mistakes, but am pleased with my first pillow project since an enlightening 7th grade "Family Consumer Sciences" class with Mrs. Christensen.  I like that the colors are more "me": light, modern, and casual.  The large pillows I made reversible.  The small pillow I made using an envelope pillow tutorial found by my friend Jenny, who is a rockstar crafter.  So simple, I'll definitely do it again.  I have a few more pillows to make for our Omahoma, stay tuned!


  1. I love these pillows....great job

  2. So cute! Those are definitely more you. You inspire me to craft (among other things). :)