Thursday, April 15, 2010

HE is risen {indeed}

These are long overdue, but here a few photos of cakes that graced our family's tables as we celebrated this Easter season.

The first is a from scratch strawberry cake with fresh strawberry filling and whipped buttercream icing.  I am only beginning to experiment with from scratch cake recipes.  I learned on this one that I should have let it bake 5 minutes longer BEFORE opening the oven, as my gorgeous puffy cake sunk in just moments when I opened the oven to check it and take it out.  Sad.  It did prove, however, the cake decorator's mantra: "Frosting can fix anything".  In this case, a LOT of frosting in the middle of your sunken cake will smooth over your experimental baking woes!

But, I am told the strawberry cake was yummy and I was loving it with strawberry ice cream!  I also misquoted the hymn... "Sing ye heavens and earth reply... Alleluia!" were the intended lyrics.  But I suspect heavens and earth were both rejoicing on Easter morning, so I think we're good.  Here it is:

The second is a quick Easter egg-shaped cake that Meg and I made for our Palm Sunday Easter celebration with the hubby's extended family.  Cute, quick (ignore the pulled crumbs... whoops!) and fun!  These pans will also make great footballs next fall!

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