Friday, March 26, 2010

happy birthday {meg}

My sister-in-law conveniently decided to turn 22 the day after our final project for cake class level 2.  This made her the lucky winner of a birthday cake that I spent many hours preparing.  It made her the unlucky winner of a birthday cake she didn't get to pick.  She did get to pick the cake and filling, though, and opted for a white pudding cake with raspberry filling.  Yum!

First, here's the final pieces I worked on last week.  My favorite list of flowers is now:  pansies, violets, and mums.  Here's the lovely pansies:

I also did as I promised and practiced daisies for awhile.  I am much more pleased with this result:

A few of the other flowers from class:

We learned a new icing, too.  Color flow.  It dries rock hard, but allows you to trace logos, simple pictures, etc.  It doesn't taste as good as royal/buttercream icing, but I love it.  The detail it enables is just so FUN.  For Meg's basket-o-flowers cake, we went with butterflies:

I chose to make the wings separately so the butterflies could "fly" on the actual cake.

AND (drum roll please)... here's the beautiful blooming birthday cake!  This cake would be perfect for Easter, Mother's Day, or wedding/baby showers.  Any of the individual flowers could be used to decorate a cake all on their own.  They'd also make fabulous cupcake toppers!  So many ideas!

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  1. I love the daisies :) Adelynn's first birthday is coming up and I wish you lived close enough to make her cake! I have been trying to think about what to do and I have never attempted cake decorating... but I may have to attempt those daisies :)