Friday, March 26, 2010

quick {polka dot} cake

I had some extra color flow icing left after class last week, so I made up some polka dots while we watched March Madness (and yes, my bracket is doing quite well.  Thanks for asking).  Here they are drying:

Yes, that is our picture beneath them.  I needed a flat surface and it was the nearest thing so it got hijacked by waxed paper and frosting.

Anyway, a friend needed a variety of desserts for an event she was having, so I just iced a white cake and decorated with my frosting bubbles the next week!  SO easy and pretty adorable.  I love the cake decorations you can make ahead!

So happy and spring-y.  Love.  It'd be easy to do many designs with these dots.  I'll be revisiting this idea again in the future...

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