Thursday, April 15, 2010

B's cake

So the hubsters laments often that the cakes I make are not for him.  He gets to watch me make them, smell them baking, and his sweet tooth aches as I sweep them out the door for someone else.

I do often have random leftovers for his consumption, however, that I make sure to mark with post-its so he knows he won't be sleeping on the couch for ruining my perfect batch of frosting for class.

Thus, last night when I was photographing my handiwork, B asked me to "take a picture of his cake too".  So here it is.... the cake (if you can call it that) I worked so hard on for my one and only.

Some assembly required.  Not as pretty, but combine the two bowls and you'll get something that tastes eerily similar to the cake in my next post...

(Authors note:  The hubsters is turning 24 in June.  This means he WILL be receiving a legitimate cake in the near future.  So don't feel too bad for him, mom.)

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