Monday, December 20, 2010

perfectly {papered}

I participated in a little sale a couple weeks ago and have a few lovely leftovers.  If you are interested in any of the following, contact me at

Christmas cards:  $1/ea.

I also made some delightful 2011 calendars that would be great in an office or kitchen.  I saw this idea on a blog I love to read and wanted to make one for myself at work.  Once I got done, I loved them so much I decided to share them with anyone else who'd like one as well!  Sometimes I think the best (and most practical!) art is just doing what you like for yourself and allowing it to overflow.  :)  One option for the calendar is excerpts from hymns and the other is just fun sayings.  They are $6/ea, measure 4.25" x 11" and are printed on card stock.  If you would like me to make a custom calendar for you with 12 of your own sayings, I can do that for $8.


Hymns excerpt calendar:
(1) and on him cast your care (2) take and seal it (3) it is well (4) sing ye heavens and earth rejoice (5) was blind but now i see (6) amazing love how can it be (7) arise my soul arise (8) love's purest joys restored (9) naught be all else to me save that thou art (10) tune my heart to sing thy grace (11) this our hymn of grateful praise (12) tidings of comfort and joy

Sayings calendar:
(1) here we go again (2) know love (3) take time to wonder (4) risen indeed (5) do justice love kindness walk humbly (6) all things new (7) fun in the sun (8) practice curiosity (9) go big red (10) fear not (11) full of thanks (12) love came down

Fun.  Have I mentioned I love paper? if you're interested!

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  1. steph these are SO CUTE! you may find an order from me soon. :)