Monday, August 30, 2010

look whooo's {one}

My cousin's little girl, Gwen, has her first birthday party last week.  She was welcomed into year two of life with an owl themed birthday party.  I found cupcakes similar to these on one of my favorite blogs, Annie's Eats.  Annie's cupcakes used Oreos, M&M's, and Runts for the owl faces, but I made them with fondant.

I love their eyes and the little feather accents.  Too fun.

Gwen had a smash cake all to herself too:

All boxed up and ready to go!  Happy birthday, Gwen!


  1. Those are adorable. Your dad thinks they are really cute!

  2. Gwen and everyone else LOVED the owls. Thanks so much Steph!! and Brad:)